Online PR

What is Online PR?

PR itself stands for Public Relations, meaning how one interacts with the public. Online PR or Digital PR is the practice of influencing and engaging with an audience on the internet while building a brand in the public eye. Opposed to traditional PR, online PR is much more like digital marketing in a sense that the certain online platforms are utilized to spread brand awareness. Where traditional PR focuses more on print media and quick, one-time bursts of information with short term visibility, Digital PR leaves a lasting impression while gaining maximum exposure across the world wide web.

Why Would Someone Need Online PR? 

Press releases might be the first thing that come to mind at any mention of “PR,” but the truth is PR has evolved tremendously with the growth of the internet. 

Online PR can be compared to influencer marketing, where a business or brand’s main goal is to influence an audience in a social setting to help build their brand reputation through creating and curating online content.

Digital PR is also a cost effective strategy for new companies or entrepreneurs to trust in for the long term. By sticking to a consistent PR strategy plan, you have the ability to increase your Google ranking organically by creating digital content on a regular basis. This will not only boost your Google ranking, it will also improve your online reputation and drive traffic to your website by increasing the amount of meaningful content you have published online. 

The Importance of Your Online Reputation

Digital PR can be extremely beneficial to a brand or business looking to improve their brand reputation online. When used as a form of reputation management and crisis control, online PR can help put an individual back in command of their business’s reputation by allowing them to direct how their brand is perceived by the public online. 

When someone types your name or your business’s name into Google, what type of search results will they find? Are all of those links impacting your brand in a positive way, or are they harming the reputation of your brand? How do your search results compare to those of your competitors? There are always more ways to increase your reach and visibility online; gaining new leads, improving sales, and increasing brand authority and trust with Online PR. 

Online PR makes it possible for you to gain control over your Google search results and ensures your next client, investor, contractor, or employee sees information that helps them trust your brand at first glance with a quick Google search. 

Benefits of Online & Digital PR:

Hand holding Online PR graphic1 - Stay On Top Of What’s Current in Your Industry 

Creating an online PR strategy should always be an underlying part of your business’s growth strategy plan as it allows you to prove your brand to be a thought leader in your industry. 

By consistently offering high quality materials to the online world that prove your brand to be an industry leader, you can easily create a sense of security for your audience by letting them know you are on top of what’s current. 

2 - Create Targeted Key Topics

Online PR is a great way to gain publicity for your business at your own pace. By utilizing online content in combination with your PR plan, you gain the ability to create content that is carefully keyworded for topics that will reach your targeted audience. These key topics should be used in search engine optimization practices throughout your content and platforms.

Through keyword research and analysis tools, you will be able to identify both short and longtail keywords and phrases related to your industry that are being searched at a high volume. Knowing what your clients and potential clients are searching for will help you gear your content and press releases towards their current interests and needs. 

With traditional PR, you are limited to submitting content to newspapers and magazines as well as tv and radio channels where your clientele may catch a glance or take notice of your content. With Digital PR, you can create content to be found in search results where people are actively searching for specific key topics they are interested in pursuing, leading to increased generation of sales and leads.

3 - Gain Quality Backlinks & Industry Credibility

Gaining quality backlinks and mentions from influencers, industry leaders, journalists, and editors on authoritative websites is a proven SEO tactic that will also boost your PR efforts, allowing your brand to gain industry credibility as well as stronger placements in search rankings.  

Digital PR can also be used to improve online networking opportunities, strengthening connections with other industry leaders and influencers. By spreading awareness about your brand across online platforms like blogs, social networks, forums and other websites, you are constantly gaining visibility and value for your brand online. This can be extremely useful when combined with social media marketing. 

4 - Improve Organic Growth & Increase Traffic to Your Website

These evolved methods of public relations allow brands and businesses to more easily measure and track data that will lead to organic growth as well as increased sales and website traffic. Content published online is able to be shared more rapidly and to a much wider audience than traditional media methods. Creating engaging and shareable content on the internet will function as a long-term investment that will stand as a valuable and continuous asset for your business rather than an outdated printed publication that is more likely to be forgotten and thrown out with the recycling. 

How Can I Create a Press Release for My Business?

Online PR campaigns are essentially a form of online advertising, except the goal is to advertise your business’s publicity. There are a wide variety of ways that a business or brand can translate that information to the public. 

A simple and effective way to create positive publicity for your brand is writing and publishing a press release. This could be about any newsworthy event that you (a personal brand) or your business has undergone. Addressing the event on a public platform gives you security, knowing you are at the forefront of that piece of news and have the ability to use it as an opportunity to grow your business and improve your online reputation. 

What Makes Brand911 Online PR So Different?


Brand911 has the ability to create strategic online press releases for your business or brand that will leave a lasting impact and promote continuous business growth, unlike traditional PR that will result in more short term advances. Digital PR has taken the proven successes and strategies from traditional PR and transformed them to keep up with the times, allowing your content to live permanently on the internet where more and more consumers are searching daily. This evolved form of public relations will help your business stay relevant and react quickly to changes and trends in your niche or industry.  

Our content marketers are trained in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing to make sure your press releases are found online by the right people time after time. 

Brand911 utilized PR platforms specifically built for digital PR publications that our guaranteed to get published into the search engines. Other PR agencies may be able to write a standard press release, but there may be no guarantee that the press release will be found online or rank in search results. 

Here at Brand911, our online PR strategy involves publication in combination with an online marketing strategy to make sure your content connects with those who matter most.